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Inc Nutrition Webinar Series

Updated: Aug 25

“What is holistic health for diabetes?” You might ask…
Well, as a board-certified dietitian and nutrition specialist, I am here to tell you a lot about holistic health for diabetes!! The simplest way to explain “holistic health” is by thinking of your health from “whole” person perspective. We are not just a pancreas, a heart and other separate organs! We are inter-connected. That’s why when one piece of our body suffers, in truth, all of the rest of it is suffering along with it. While this may sound discouraging, the truth is that we can actually use this to our advantage! That’s where food comes in. SO many times in the media we hear about what we have to “take away” or “restrict” in our “diet” in order to be healthier. But if you have ever worked with a dietitian/nutrition expert before, you know that the real way to see successful and long-lasting results with eating is not about what you take away, but actually what you ADD that makes all of the difference with your health!!! Each webinar recording will be provided to all those who attend each session. Each participant will also receive Dietitian-designed handouts for diabetes that relate to the topic as well as a FREE one-on-one session with one of our dietitians!!

In our upcoming webinar series, we are going to talk a LOT about what you can add to your life to make your own body’s insulin work for you. This is NOT just for people with diabetes, but also those who are beginning to see the warning signs of resistant insulin – such as obesity, fatigue, being irritable or overly stressed, constipation, poor digestion, and many others. On May 2nd we will kick off the series with our first webinar: Holistic Health. Our Director Jenna will first be talking about how our Mind, Body, & Food are all connected through something called the “gut-brain axis”. This part of our body is important when it comes to blood sugar because even the feelings that we feel can raise (or lower) our blood sugar! Then, our Integrative Dietitian Emily will be talking about perhaps one of the most important aspects to nutrition: Intuitive Eating. Next, our personal trainer and dietitian Christie will lead us through a workout that will leave you feeling accomplished for the day without even having to get out of your seat!! And Finally, our culinary expert dietitian Jack will take you through a cooking adventure where your taste buds will feel exhilarated by new and cutting-edge ingredients that provide the most delectable of flavors without ever spiking your blood sugar! An event that is sure to inspire you, enlighten you, and delight you!!!

Now that we have kicked off the series with Holistic Health, we will be talking about a hot (and effective) topic for optimal blood sugar levels – anti-inflammatory nutrition. Did you know that inflammation is the primary mechanism behind insulin resistance?? Inflammation happens to us for a number of everyday reasons: pain, dehydration, lack of sleep, nutrient deficiencies… even thinking stressful thoughts can actually make our bodies more inflamed and therefore raise our blood sugar! We will show you in this presentation how to effectively and swiftly lower your inflammation by adding certain anti-inflammatory superfoods to your daily life. Get ready for a calming body movement series as well as a next level culinary demo finale!
The Power of Plants – Did you know that there are dozens of herbs that have been shown to effectively lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation and improve your overall health? Our plant-based dietitian Christie will talk about how we can incorporate more plants into our life and Jenna will be speaking about “brain science” and how you can actually train your brain to increase your desire for an abundance of plants!

For our final webinar of the series, we will be talking about perhaps the most effective & innovative (yet ancient) solutions to metabolic health – functional nutrition. Functional nutrition is the field of “Food is Medicine”. We will talk about how to optimize all of the good work you have been doing!!! Intermediate concepts like phyto-nutrients and other specific ingredients will be discussed. Stay tuned for our grand finale at the end!!!

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