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Endurance Athletes Should Consider This Natural Supplement

Updated: Aug 25

WHAT: Beetroot Powder

WHY: Beets, in addition to a few other vegetables, are very high in dietary nitrate. When consumed, this nitrate converts to nitric oxide, which can provide the body with powerful benefits! Nitric oxide can (1) Improve the function of our mitochondria, making our bodies more efficient at using energy; and (2) Act as a “vasodilator”, allowing our blood vessels to expand and deliver more oxygen to the muscles. Due to these reasons, the consumption of beets has been proven to improve endurance in athletes. Refer to the research papers below for more information.

HOW: There are 3 ways in which you use beets as a supplement for athletic performance:

  1. Cooked Beets: boil or roast raw beets and consume 1-2 cups, 2-3 hours before exercise.

  2. 100% Beetroot Juice: consume 1-2 cups, 2 hours before exercise.

  3. Beetroot Powder: 1 Tbsp mixed with 8 oz water; 1 hour before exercise.

Beetroot powder is the simplest and most practical option. If you are serious about wanting to improve your endurance performance, beetroot powder is worth a shot! It’s natural. It’s safe. It’s effective.


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