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Having a Dietitian You Trust
Can Propel Your Practice

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A growing body of research is showing that optimal nutrition can make a profound impact in the overall health status and quality of life for your patients.


For many years, patients have expected their physician to be able to provide helpful information regarding nutrition, despite their level of training or expertise in the subject.


Having a reliable, effective and reputable dietitian to refer to your clients to is an invaluable tool for a physician who is looking to grow and maintain their own patient population.

Here are a few of the reasons that you can refer your patients to a dietitian:

Weight loss

Blood sugar improvement

High blood pressure
High cholesterol 
Fatty liver
Nutrient deficiencies
Thyroid issues

Kidney issues

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How does having a relationship with a dietitian benefit you as a physician?

Weight loss injections are a largely growing group of medications that, while producing effective weight loss in patients, also is increasing the rate of malnutrition in the United States. This presents a considerable liability for the physicians who are prescribing them.

Patients who work with an Inc Dietitian while on a weight loss injection not only see improvements with their weight, but also their body composition, inflammatory status, lab markers, energy levels, mobility, mental health, and overall quality of life. This ultimately can result in overall satisfaction and net increase of patient load and profitability for a physician and their practice.

Download the evidence of MNT Supporting Weight Loss here!

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Download the evidence for the effectiveness of Medical Nutrition Therapy in Diabetes here!

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