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with Jenna Moore

As a registered dietitian, yoga teacher, and board-certified specialist in sports nutrition, it is surprising to people when I tell them I used to be obese. I was a young and naiive 19 years old when I stepped on the scale and saw the number that veered toward 200 pounds – It was the time in my life where I was “supposed to be” at the peak of my attractiveness! What happened to me? What DIDN’T happen!? I had felt like I had tried everything… every diet, every cleanse, every pill…and nothing worked.

To be vulnerable with you for a moment, the one time I felt like I actually hit rock bottom was when I was scammed as a teenager while on a trip to New York City – I was trying to buy weight loss drugs on the black market on Canal Street. I remember the man that I spoke to; his name was Cat. After withdrawing hundreds of dollars from the atm, and withdrawing even more in person at the bank when my atm withdrawal limit was reached, he and I sat down in a McDonalds (ironically) on Canal and he handed me the bottle in exchange for my life’s savings. After that transaction in the McDonalds on Canal with Cat, I sat in my hotel room in New York City reading the ingredients on the bottle that I had spent every last dollar to my name on: Green tea extract, Chinese herbs, Caffeine…and burst into tears.

It was during that same trip that I sat in a coffee shop in Rockefeller Square with the intention of deciding what I wanted to do with my life. I don’t know if the idea of becoming a nutritionist would have ever even entered my mind if it weren’t for my dear friend Cat. But there I sat, with the idea that if I were able to just go to school to learn how to be healthy, then I could most certainly teach others how to do the same… And it worked. Not only did I go to school to become a nutritionist, but I went to school with a fire in me. I became president of the nutrition club my senior year, fundraised thousands of dollars, and then landed my first dream job working for the Denver Nuggets coach straight out of my internship. The dream continued when I landed my second (and current) dream job working for a CEO in Los Angeles, building a nationwide private practice centered around the idea of nutrition, exercise and mental health – Mind, Body, & Food.

It was at the very beginning of this career transition that I really dug deep: “How, oh great universe, do I find the solutions to the greatest challenge that this country’s health has faced - obesity!?” Surely no diet, no cleanse and no pill can be the answer to what everyone is searching for…so what is it? What IS the answer???!?”

And, oh boy, did the universe answer…

Before I go on, I have to tell you that the food product companies in America are pretty influential. Back in 2022 as a lone dietitian, I decided to declare war on the food product industry (lol!) and not so surprisingly, I haven’t heard too much of a peep from them yet. Perhaps they don’t see me as a threat, but I gotta say, their secrets are already being exposed. Far down deep in the centermost region of our brains lies the “mesolimbic pathway” it is a place where dopamine, our most pleasureful sensational neurochemical makes an impact. It impacts the regions of our brain that are associated with pleasure and reward. Whereas fruits, vegetables and healthy fats seem to metaphorically throw a few quarters in this fountain, sugar and salt are dishing out hundred dollar bills here by the stacks.

So what happens when our fountain-figured brain is saturated with hundred-dollar bills you may ask? Nothing quite as seemingly so pretty is the answer. If you have ever seen a fountain of hundred dollar bills for long enough to enjoy it, the chances are that when you find another fountain that is only filled with quarters – its not enough. And so it happens, that every day that we eat a sodium-filled breakfast sandwich at the drive-through, or  “treat” ourselves to a dessert at the long end of the day, we slowly desensitize ourselves to the subtle joys that a quarter-filled fountain once brought. And in order to “retrain our brains” to once again appreciate the fruits of the quarter-filled fountain, we have to remove ourselves from the ecstasy of the riches fountain for long enough to recalibrate our radically overstimulated pleasure pathways of the brain.

What’s unfortunate about America is that for the past 100ish years, the solution to removing ourselves from the “pleasure fountain” has been the diet industry. Don’t want the nasty effects of the hundred-dollar bills? Just take away all the money altogether. Don’t like not having money? Just tough it out using discipline and willpower – you’ll get used to it someday and if you don’t its YOUR fault, not theirs. It makes just about as much sense as being “rich” without having any money. It just doesn’t work that way. And more so what happens when you remove all the money from your life is the sensation of desperation – poverty entices a “craving” for more money, not less of it.

 So now for the good part – would you believe me if I told you that the diet and weight loss industry may have complicated things, but the real solution is actually very simple? Don’t forget, I went to college and figured it out! Then I worked with some of the most elite trainers, coaches and business people in the country – and now I am here to give you the answers for how to do the same!!!

I share all of the elite and straightforward secrets that the diet and food product industries are doing everything in their power to keep secret from you. I plan on leaving you every session with revolutionary and mind-blowing information so that you can know immediately what it is that you need to do to find life-long success with both weight loss AND keeping the weight off for the rest of your life!

Fast-forward 14 years from that day in New York City to today – friends, I was so successful with weight loss myself that I was able to successfully complete a FULL 30-day fast from food without any complications! I remember the days when I couldn’t go until 9:00 am without food! My metabolism is mastered and I can more than show you how to do the same. Will you allow me to show you how you can EASILY do this? Without any of the gimmicks that the diet industry plays on us every day?? This is what I have dedicated my life to doing and it has already worked for hundreds of people that have worked with me!!!

I sincerely hope that you take 15 seconds right now to click the link below and get started. There are not too many people in the world who can say that they have the solutions for long-term weight loss because the diet industry has unfortunately saturated even the so-called health and wellness influencers that think they have the answers but really only have good genetics… I have actually been there – right where you are standing in your own frustration with your weight. It requires a different approach than those who have great genetics, trust me I know!

Imagine a few weeks from now when everything nutrition is clear. You have met with me for your initial consult (that is most likely covered by your health insurance anyway), you have been enlightened by the knowledge that most health experts don’t know yet, and you are starting to see the results that you know will last. You are MASTERING your nutrition, your weight and your overall healthYes. The Freeing Truth about Weight Loss is that it is ACTUALLY that easy. Just thought that you should know 😉

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