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Nutrition is powerful. It is dynamic, individualized, and personal. Nutrition can support our health, nourish our mind and bodies, and provide us the energy needed to live a life that we find satisfying and fulfilling. However, nutrition can be overwhelming. It can feel complicated, intimidating, and unreachable. My passion and drive as a registered dietitian is to make it reachable, by providing the understanding, support, and confidence to help you find your version of health, your way. I strive to create a foundation of nutrition that is not restrictive or consuming. Instead, I want to guide you through a journey that will empower both your mind and body to support your goals.

Navigating your relationship with food can be challenging and emotional. We have created and learned habits throughout our life that have become a staple in our food routine and environment. I want to teach you how to retrain your brain to overcome yo-yo dieting, overcome the restriction cycle and negative food thoughts, and overcome the feeling of being a stranger in your own body.

I want to bring you on a health journey that makes you feel like you. That is why I personally specialize in women’s health and intuitive and mindful eating, to help you reconnect your mind and body with food. Through knowledge, accountability, and digging deeper, I will give you the resources, tools, and support you need to succeed in a way that you have never tried before. I have been in your shoes before, I understand the emotional toll and weight that food and dieting can have, and I want to show you that you can find the otherside of food freedom just like I have on my journey. It is a path that you do not have to take alone, and a path I will walk side by side with you on. 

If you need a little bit more about my speciality:

I specialize in women’s health and intuitive and mindful eating. Specifically focusing on why we feel, why we eat, and why we think the way that we do around food. Through this foundation, we can inspire new habits and behaviors that are empowering and freeing.


Instead of focusing on the outcome, we will focus on the journey. In my nutrition philosophy, it is the small victories, moments, and actions that make the substantial and sustainable changes in the end. I take the time to look at your health as a whole, from the inside out, to create a personalized plan that supports your health, your way. 

Commonly as women we are thought to believe that fatigue, brain fog, irritability, and feeling completely drained is a normal part of life, and I am here to tell you it is not, and I am also here to show you how to change that into energy, empowerment, and fulfillment in both food and our lives.

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