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Integrated Nutrition Consultants (Inc Nutrition) was created by a team of passionate Registered Dietitians who have one goal in mind: To help you SUCCEED with your goals in Nutrition! Dietitians Jenna and Jack teamed up with Steve Eisner, our CEO with over three decades of experience in the food & nutrition industry, and hired one of the VERY BEST dietitian they could find in the country: Emily - thus creating Inc! 


Since coming together, we have undeniably agreed that our private practice should take an approach to nutrition that addresses mental health. Whether you are looking for nutrition consulting for weight loss, diabetes, heart health, sports nutrition, overall health, or for any other reason, each of us Dietitians have unique specialties within the realm of nutrition to make sure that YOU are receiving the most up-to-date information in a field of nutrition where the science is constantly changing.


This team has the knowledge, inspirational energy and enthusiasm to help you reach your nutrition & wellness goals and develop healthy habits that can last for your entire lifetime!!

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